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Are you looking for a quality VoIP provider right here in Jacksonville? Think VoIP Services is your local source for advanced VoIP hardware, software, and support to take your outbound business communications to the next level. Today’s VoIP systems are introducing a whole new world of phone technology, providing crystal clear calling on office and mobile devices,, and video conference calling. You also gain a wealth of features that go beyond basic phone systems, while at a lower price than phone providers.

The popularity of this technology is ever-increasing, and today’s businesses can’t say enough good things about VoIP. You can experience the same advantages of VoIP right here in Jacksonville, FL.

We Know a Thing or Two About Jacksonville

As a local provider, we know Jacksonville and the state of Florida well because our business is based in the state. Our technology works for any size business and fits Jacksonville’s chief segments of commerce and military port business, banking, insurance, healthcare, logistics, and tourism.

A Special Deal for New VoIP Users!

If you call now, you can qualify for free phones for no additional fee. VoIP Jacksonville callers can reach us at 844-767-1924. For more information about VoIP and to get in touch with a representative and select a plan that’s best for you and a free quote, contact us here.

What is a VoIP System?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an audio and video communications system that replaces a standard phone line. The technology uses a broadband connection to the internet, resulting in incredibly clear calling both locally and internationally and a wealth of audio, video, and recording features beyond standard business phone systems. As your business improves, you can add lines on the fly.

The technology provides clear communication in an office or on the road, whether it be in Gainesville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, St. Augustine, or any other city or town in Florida. You can even communicate clearly to Canada or across the pond – everywhere there’s internet. 


The competition in Florida’s corporate hub is growing at a breakneck speed.
Get VoIP today and stay ahead of the curve.

Why choose VoIP Solutions from Think VoIP Services?


Our hosted VoIP solution is delivered over the internet so there won’t be any need to purchase new hardware for your office. You’ll save an average of 35% on phone bills each month when you make the switch.

Fast and Easy Setup

On your end, installation is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Once you’ve placed an order, we’ll handle the technical side and ship you the phones so you can simply plug them in and start dialing!

Business-Class Features

Our cloud-based solution allows your employees to work from virtually anywhere while still being connected to your phone system - even on mobile devices! This affords you the flexibility to scale your phone system to accommodate the ever-changing needs of your business.

Simple Pricing

Business Phone Solution Starting @

$24.95 per month/user


60+ Built-in Calling Features

Discover what makes our VoIP system different from regular phone services.

CRM Integrations

*Hourly charge for integration setup

To get the most from the technology, we offer quality hardware for sale or lease.  Our systems are easy for any business to use and programmable for use right out of the box.  Select from a range of communications devices, including conference phones with noise-proof and video technology and 20-foot, 360-degree voice pickup capability.

Pick a Plan

Talk with one of our experts who will help customize your plan

Plug In

Connect the system to high-speed internet in your office

Start Calling

Make and receive calls right away, no additional hardware or software required

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