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VoIP in Orlando, FL

Now you can take advantage of VoIP technology right here in Orlando! Businesses from large to small are now choosing VoIP as their chief mode of communication and can’t say enough good things about VoIP. Now you can experience the same benefits for yourself. 

VoIP’s ease of use, crystal-clear calling, and benefits such as video calls, call recording, and chat and email capabilities explain the boost in popularity of VoIP. And since it is broadband-based, the potential for VoIP is limitless. Traditional landline systems could be a thing of the past.  


Here at Think VoIP Services, we specialize in VoIP solutions in Orlando. Our company is based in Florida, and we know your area well. We’ll help you experience first-hand the advanced benefits of this technology, whether your business is large or small.


Simple Management

Easily manage users and configure calling features via an intuitive administration dashboard

Enhanced Mobility

Connect your mobile devices to the VoIP network and stay in touch with your contacts from wherever you are

Reduced Costs

Spend significantly less on installation, maintenance, and upgrade costs than traditional phone systems

VoIP for Business in Orlando with Hosted VoIP Services

Think VoIP Services provides Orlando with hosted VoIP solutions. You get professional onboarding and installation of needed software and hardware like VoIP phones. All work is backed with expert customer service. 

Switching to VoIP is easy and our systems are easy to load and intuitive to use, allowing you and your employees to be up and running immediately.


It’s true: Orlando is a magical place. And it’s not just because it’s home to Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World. There’s an incredible mix of fun things to do in this great city that make it an ideal vacationing spot for not only families but young singles, baby boomers, foodies, outdoor adventurous types, luxury shoppers and international visitors. While the city was built on theme park fame, the number and variety of Orlando attractions have grown to include world-famous restaurants, high-end outlet shopping centers, theatrical performances, and amazing concert and sporting event venues.

Why choose VoIP Solutions from Think VoIP Services?

With these systems you get…

  • Video Conferencing
  • Phone Call Recording
  • Voicemail Transcriptions
  • Virtual Telephone Extensions
  • Call Parking 
  • Auto Attendant
  • Mobile App Capability 
  • Chat capabilities via the Web Client
  • VoIP Phone and Software Support

Simple Pricing

Find the perfect solution that works best for you with unlimited calling in North America

Business Phone Solution Starting @

$24.95 per month/user


60+ Built-in Calling Features

Discover what makes our VoIP system different from regular phone services.

CRM Integrations

*Hourly charge for integration setup

Pick a Plan

Talk with one of our experts who will help customize your plan

Plug In

Connect the system to high-speed internet in your office

Start Calling

Make and receive calls right away, no additional hardware or software required

VoIP vs Traditional Phones

Business Communication

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP is a broadband communication system that uses the internet for faster, clearer, and cheaper connections with expanded capabilities such as video calling, email and chat capabilities, and higher calling thresholds. It doesn’t require landlines like a traditional phone.

A VoIP system is a phone and compatible hardware and software that communicates directly to any phone number.

A VoIP phone can be used for standard calls to any number local or international, while allowing for advanced features like video calling and conference calling with a connection so clear, users will sound like they are in the room. They can also record calls, transcribe conversations. 

Skype is a VoIP in Orlando, FL and across the country, but it does have some differences from other VoIP systems. Skype doesn’t allow you to use office phone systems or transfer your current number. It is free to use if you limit communication to only Skype users, but if you use it to dial phone numbers, you will need to buy credits or enroll in a Skype Pro account.


We offer contracts tailored to your needs. Create specialized offerings, refine them as you go, and pay only for what you use or opt for monthly agreements. We can even add more phone extensions with ease and less cost.  

Think Technologies: Your Home for Business VoIP Providers in Orlando, FL.

Our expertise in VoIP and IT services ensures your system runs as intended, helping you take advantage of VoIP benefits for advanced business performance. And since we are based in Florida, you get professional, timely service when it counts.

When shopping for VoIP providers in Orlando, FL, go with a company that knows your area and has extensive expertise in this advanced technology. We are proud to be your local VoIP provider in Orlando, FL.

Orlando, FL

Orlando is located in central Florida and is famous for its attractions and surrounding wetlands. It is the third largest metro area in Florida and the state’s largest inland city. 

Nicknamed “The City Beautiful”, it is famous for being one of the most visited cities in the world with 75 million visitors annually. One of the biggest attractions is Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida, and the Orange County Conventions Center – one of the busiest convention halls in the US. Other popular attractions are the Orlando Museum of Art and the city’s world-famous bars and restaurants. 

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