VoIP Business Phone Services in Miami, Florida

Think VoIP Services offers today’s advanced VoIP benefits right here in Miami. We have the tools and infrastructure to be your sole VoIP solution provider. Call us to experience VoIP’s benefits yourself.  

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VoIP Business Phone Services

Here in Miami, competition works at a whole other level. Our city is a national and global leader for banking, commerce, and trading, not to mention tourism, art, culture, sports, and everything in between. In this environment, advanced communications tools are the key to staying competitive. This is why it’s time you considered VoIP

Voice-over-Internet Technology (VoIP) utilizes broadband and Wi-Fi instead of traditional phone lines. The technology’s lower rates, advanced clarity, improved speed, and added features have made the popularity of VoIP skyrocket. And being digitally-based, the potential for VoIP growth is unparalleled. The draw and increased focus on VoIP is massive, while the rates in VoIP usage are ever-increasing. The use of VoIP for medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and even small, mom and pop shops is booming, each utilizing VoIP as a feature element in communication. 

Simple Management

Easily manage users and configure calling features via an intuitive administration dashboard

Enhanced Mobility

Connect your mobile devices to the VoIP network and stay in touch with your contacts from wherever you are

Reduced Costs

Spend significantly less on installation, maintenance, and upgrade costs than traditional phone systems

Get VoIP Phone for Business

Think VoIP Services provides Miami, Fl, with VoIP services to keep you competitive and boost business growth while saving you money for higher profits.  We provide commercial VoIP plans with the advanced communication methods you need, expanding your ability for you to connect and communicate with customers more clearly and precisely than ever before. 

You, your employees, and your customers benefit from calls that are so clear, your customers will think you are in the room. You also benefit from reduced call lags with long-distance calling, and you gain more methods of communicating, such as video calls, instant messaging, advanced conference calling, and special features that make VoIP your advanced communication tool. 


Communicate better, save on phone bills, and thrive in South Florida’s commercial hub with Think VoIP Services.

Why choose VoIP Solutions from Think VoIP Services?

VoIP, in a general sense, can work directly through computers and via VoIP-enabled phones that look and work much like traditional phone systems, making adapting to this new technology easy. They put VoIP’s advanced benefits right in the palm of your hand.   

With these systems you get…

  • Video Conferencing
  • Phone Call Recording
  • Voicemail Transcriptions
  • Call Parking 
  • Auto Attendant
  • Mobile App Capability 
  • Chat capabilities via the Web Client
  • VoIP Phone and Software Support

Simple Pricing

Find the perfect solution that works best for you with unlimited calling in North America.

Business Phone Solution Starting @

$24.95 per month/user


60+ Built-in Calling Features

Discover what makes our VoIP system different from regular phone services.

CRM Integrations

*Hourly charge for integration setup

Pick a Plan

Talk with one of our experts who will help customize your plan

Plug In

Connect the system to high-speed internet in your office

Start Calling

Make and receive calls right away, no additional hardware or software required

Let’s talk about your new VoIP solution

Let’s talk about your new VoIP solution

About Miami, FL

The Miami metropolitan area is a major center for finance, commerce, and trade, as well as art, politics, and culture. Everything about Miami is big. It has over 300 high-rises and is the third richest city in the US. It has the busiest port in the world, and it is second in the country to New York in tourism. It is also a major sports location, home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, NBA’s Miami Heat, and MLB’s Miami Marlins.

Experience and Expertise

Onsite Install and Training

Though there is a minimal charge for using VoIP, you can get free setup and installation for VoIP. You also pay a lower monthly rate than traditional phone lines, saving you even more money.

Yes, you can use a VoIP phone with Spectrum in Miami, FL, and most any other internet provider. Use a broadband connection for best results.

No, you don’t need a VoIP phone to use VoIP in Miami, but they are worth using. VoIP phones provide the ease-of-use of traditional phones for employees and any visiting customers. They also provide easy access to video calling, call forwarding, call recording contact lists, conference calls, and voicemail access.

Of the competition, our phones offer you the most for your dollar. It is our go-to technology for VoIP. It offers high-quality, reliable devices with crystal-clear calling that perform extremely well over time while still being a more affordable option. The products are packed with an advanced array of features backed by a massive engineering team.

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