More businesses each year are jumping on board with VoIP Technology.  The advantages are powerful for medium-sized companies and large enterprises, but the system works equally well for small businesses, too. Let’s look at how you, as a small business, can benefit. 

In this article, we will look at some of the differences between VoIP and traditional phone systems. We will cover the benefits of VoIP and how switching to VoIP is easy to do without risking a decline in business. If anything, your business will grow.  

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” It is an Internet-connected system that uses a broadband connection rather than traditional phone lines. 

Being internet-based, today’s VoIP phones and compatible devices provide the same characteristics of traditional work phones but with added benefits that make it a powerful business choice. It acts as a digital pathway for multiple modes of communication while providing crystal-clear calling. It serves as a medium for most business communications used today beyond standard audio calls. It is also customizable based on the unique needs of your business. And it’s surprisingly cheap compared to traditional landlines, resulting in more profit for you. 

What are the Advantages of Using VoIP?

Some benefits of VoIP extend to any size business. Here are some key ones.  

Top Benefits of VoIP for Small Business Owners

Is VoIP Good for Small Businesses? Absolutely. Here are Four Benefits of VoIP for Your Small Business. 

  1. It Can Limit Company Expenses

What’s one of the biggest benefits of VoIP? It is cheap compared to landlines. For businesses with a concern for profits, this is a big advantage. For a small business, every penny counts. With savings on per-minute usage on long-distance and international calls, you will benefit financially while helping you expand your business to a wider audience at a lower cost. You can further reduce fees through monthly plans. All this keeps you and your employees on the phone longer, boosting relationships and securing sales. 

But the savings don’t stop there. You can also upgrade and upscale your phone systems more cheaply, quickly, and easily. As your business grows, your phone systems grow with you, helping you realize more profits faster. 

Then there is the cost of installation. Because VoIP is internet-based, companies such as us can incorporate these VoIP systems into your business easily. There is even the possibility we can use your existing computer technology to do it. 

  1. Auto Attendant Puts Your Business on Another Level

If you want the appearance of an established company but lack the staff, or if you are looking to reduce your reception staff, our Auto Attendant feature will route calls for you. Your callers get professional assistance while boosting their perceptions of you and your brand at a fraction of the cost. 

It Increases Flexibility and Mobility for Users

If you are a small, mobile business, your in-office VoIP benefits also extend to mobile devices, allowing for increased communication methods on the road or working at home. The same benefits extend to all of your staff. VoIP is a cost-savings benefit that extends anywhere you and your teams go.  

  1. Easy Set-Up and Onboarding

VoIP is easy to incorporate into your business. If you already have a dedicated phone number, you won’t have to worry about changing it, making it an advantage over systems like Skype that require a unique number. And all existing contacts load up easily. 

VoIP systems are also intuitive. VoIP-enabled phones are designed like traditional phones to make transitioning to this new technology simple. And using VoIP on a computer is just as easy. The technology is up and running in no more than a few clicks. 

When needed, we can onboard entire organizations or specific employees to help them take advantage of these technical benefits easier. 

What You Need:

How do I Choose a VoIP Provider? 

As with choosing an IT-provider, it is smart to work with a local company. When assistance is required, and an issue isn’t solvable over the phone or online, a local provider can tackle it in person. It’s also smart to choose a provider with substantial experience with VoIP, so they respond faster and more efficiently. 

When you are ready to make the switch, Think VoIP Servicesis ready to help. As a local provider in Florida, we are familiar with your local needs and are available when you need us. We can supply your business with VoIP-enabled phones and conference devices as well as instant messaging capabilities. We can add more lines easily, ensure your contact lists remain intact, and help you enjoy video calls, record conversations, and maintain voicemails on a secure, cloud-based system. And we can set up this system to work with mobile platforms. You also get professional support if any issues arise. We’re here to serve you.  Visit our site to find out more.

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