Tips for Great Customer Service Over the Phone -Think VoIP Services

Tips for Great Customer Service Over the Phone / Effective Ways to Connect with Your Customers Why is Customer Service Important in Business? There are intelligent reasons why businesses spend the time and expense in building customer service departments. One of the biggest reasons is these departments directly connect businesses to existing customers – their […]

Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

More businesses each year are jumping on board with VoIP Technology.  The advantages are powerful for medium-sized companies and large enterprises, but the system works equally well for small businesses, too. Let’s look at how you, as a small business, can benefit.  In this article, we will look at some of the differences between VoIP […]

Benefits of VoIP for Today’s Business World

You may have heard of the term before, but what exactly is VoIP? And what are the benefits of VoIP systems that businesses are using most today? This article provides a quick summary of VoIP systems and shows how they open new doors for improved communication. You’ll get an honest look at the advantages and […]