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Think VoIP Services is a trusted phone system consulting company for non-profits serving the Hollywood, FL area. We manage it all, from design to being the best phone system installer for non-profits in the region. Set up a quote for service by reaching out to our phone system consultant for non-profits now.

Improve Efficiency with Our Phone System Solutions 

A non-profit’s ability to remain connected with its clients is critical, and yet it can prove to be incredibly challenging without the right technology in place to manage phones. Our team works with clients as their phone system consulting company for non-profits. We customize solutions to meet even the most demanding needs. As an installer, we understand the complexity of your operations and the need to create a faster, more efficient way of managing phone calls. Set up a quote now from our consultant to learn how we can help you.

We Specialize in Keeping Your Operation Moving

Every non-profit organization has unique needs and goals. Our specialized approach analyzes all the needs you have and creates a solution that is customized to meet your biggest challenges. We can help you with designing a phone system that fits your objectives, deploying that system, and then monitoring and supporting your organization’s needs over time.


We work with all types of non-profit organizations, including:

  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • Religious organizations
  • Parishes

Customize Services to Meet Most Needs 

Which phone features are best suited for your non-profit? Our team can help you analyze options and give you a plan for moving forward. Some of the phone system features include:

  • Call forwarding
  • Mobile access
  • Conferencing services
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Dual gigabit ethernet solutions
  • Speakerphone

Do you need to host video calls with your team? Do you provide a bank of professionals to answer phones coming in or to manage outgoing calls? We can help you create a system that works to maximize your needs moving forward. 

Connect with the community, your patrons, and a global audience with our comprehensive services. Let us offer solutions that fit your needs. 

Find the Right Phone System Design for Your Company

We design phone systems for organizations based on their needs and their overall objectives. That includes options for all types of groups and all sizes of organizations. Some of the services beyond basic phone systems that we can offer include:

  • Hosted phone systems: This is an effective way to grow your organization and manage needs over time. 
  • Trunking services allow for the use of your own internet bandwidth to route calls, improving efficiencies 
  • On-site phone systems that are customized to meet your customer’s needs now and support your company as it grows over time 
  • Emergency alerting systems, which can help your team and first responders in cases of emergency, are also available 
  • IP desk phones allow you to manage all the needs of your users while streamlining communication even in a busy organization 

Now Is the Time to Reimagine Communications Within Your Organization

Your phone system is a core component of the way you meet your organization’s needs. Let us help update your system to customize it to the way you operate. At the same time, we can also help you save money and increase your reach, allowing your organization to expand and meet new demands. 

Set Up a Consultation to Learn Your Options Now 

Think VoIP Services is the go-to phone system consulting company for non-profits in the Hollywood, FL area. Turn to our phone system installer for non-profits for a customized system that improves efficiency and boosts outcomes. Set up a call with our phone system consultant for non-profits for help today.