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Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System Solutions

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As the business landscape increasingly becomes competitive, there’s a greater need for faster decision-making. In this regard, the communication system you use is integral. But, beyond being fast and reliable, it needs to reduce administrative requirements and overhead costs.

It is for such reasons that companies are now turning to cloud PBX phone system solutions. They enhance efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness, which are essential for agile companies.

Think VoIP Services is your trusted local hosted PBX phone system solutions provider in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Our cloud PBX phone system solutions streamline and enhance the efficiency of business communications. Contact us today to speak to a Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System consultant. 

What Is a Cloud PBX?

PBX stands for private branch exchange and refers to business phone systems. In the past, PBX solutions were a preserve for large corporations. This is because they had to be managed on-site, and as you can imagine, that’s expensive. Moreover, PBX systems are big machines that require a designated storage room. 
Hosted PBX phone system solutions now offer an easy solution for this. Instead of having your PBX system managed at your premises, your provider will host them via cloud-based systems and deliver them online.  
Cloud PBX phone systems are also referred to as hosted PBX phones or virtual PBX. Since they are online services, cloud-hosted PBX phone system solutions eliminate the initial cost of PBX equipment. With this, it’s now possible for businesses of all sizes to offer internal and external calling affordably.  

How Does a Hosted VOIP System Work?

Understandably, you may be curious as to how you can capitalize on phone system solutions without investing in the infrastructure. As your third-party provider, we will deploy a cloud phone system on high-speed remote servers with this model. You will access your phone system via your existing internet connection.

When making calls, the analog voice signals will be digitized. This makes the signals transmittable via modern gigabit-speed IP networks.

Benefits of Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System Solutions 

A hosted PBX solution comes with a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • No need to purchase or host hardware
  • No monthly contracts
  • No adoption or implementation costs
  • Access upgrades and new features for free
  • You can manage the system using any smart device
  • You can repurpose or add lines as you please
  • 24/7 customer support

Hosted PBX Phone System Solutions

Given the importance of effective and reliable communication, you cannot afford to have an unreliable phone system solution. This is especially so with the convenience and affordability of hosted PBX phone system solution.  
However, it’s not just about having a cloud-hosted PBX phone system. It’s about having a reliable solution. At Think VoIP Services, this is exactly what we offer; reliable cloud PBX phone system solutions. Some of the reasons our customers choose us include: 
1. Solution Designed for Your Business 
We understand the frustration of paying for expensive yet unreliable business phone solutions. This is why with us, you’ll get unlimited VoIP calling and conferencing, custom caller IDs, and toll-free numbers. Moreover, you can add more functionality later on without changing phone systems.  
2. Easy to Set Up and Use
While a cloud-hosted PBX phone system may seem complicated, it’s far from it. Your phone system will be up and running within a day. In addition, it will come equipped with an online account to customize features as you wish. This is helpful as it allows you to adjust according to business fluctuations.  
3. Built-in Security and Reliability
Each message transmitted through your PBX phone system goes through encrypted networks and multiple layers of authentication. As such, you can rest assured that business communication is safe and secure.  
4. 24/7 Support
While our hosted PBX phone system solutions are designed to be easy to use, we won’t leave you stranded. Along with your online account, we also have a customer support team. They’re available to assist with technical challenges and professional consultations 24/7. 

Get Value for Money

At Think VoIP Services, we appreciate the key role communication plays in growing a business. This is why our primary objective is to deliver affordable, effective, and reliable PBX phone system solutions.

If you wish to get value for money, contact us today to get reliable Hosted PBX Phone System Solutions.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Phone Services

Choosing the right phone for your company is an important decision. Luckily, we’ve got a range of products that will suit businesses both large and small. Browse our exceptional list of phones to find what makes sense for your business. And remember that the scalability of our VoIP phones allows for significant flexibility!

Yes. Rest assured that your safety and privacy are one of ThinkVoIP’s top priorities. Check out our Privacy Policies to see how we use and protect any information collected on our website. 


Because VoIP is a cloud-based system, the first step is to make sure you have a good internet connection. Plan to use 100kbps per line. It’s best to only use up to 80% of your available bandwidth at any given time for the highest quality calls. 

If you can, opt for a connection via Ethernet cable. While Wi-Fi may work for some, being wired in will always result in a reliable connection. 

For those that operate in an office, you may find it worth investing in a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch. These deliver the power and data to VoIP phones over one wire. 

The beauty of hosted Voice over IP phone systems is that they are generally plug-and-play! 

VoIP phone services cost less than analog phone lines. Additional features such as unlimited nationwide calling, text messages, auto attendant, and call routing are included. 

Yes! VoIP gives small businesses a competitive edge with virtual workspaces. The mobile app allows you to stay informed and in control from anywhere. 

Cloud-based VoIP or hosted VoIP systems route calls and store information securely via the internet. This allows you to forgo on-site phone system hardware, cutting down on maintenance and IT costs. 

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