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Think VoIP Services can effectively handle all your IVR/ Automated Attendant needs in the Boca Raton, FL area. As humans, we cannot be available 24/7. So, who keeps your customers engaged every time they call? Our advanced technology provides automated attendant services to enable you to achieve the goal of availability in your business. With Interactive Voice Response (IVR), we can keep your customers engaged, providing them with the right instructions to guide them through their needs at any time of the day. Let us keep you focused on your daily activities while ensuring that your customers are not affected.  

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Customer Service in its Best Form

We are presently in an era where the customers matter the most. To this effect, it has never been more important than it is now to keep your customers fulfilled. Factors like fast response time and minimum backlog play a huge role in every business. Therefore, we must implement existing technologies and software to keep up with this demand. One such technology is IVR and Automated Attendant Solutions.

Automated attendant systems are popular among call centers and business phone systems. Equipping your business with an auto attendant service is a smart move that is as cost-effective as it is rewarding. By simplifying and automating the calling procedure, human call operators can be assisted, especially outside work hours or when a human operator is unavailable. 

At Think VoIP, our Automated Attendant solutions are tailored to suit individual businesses. Whether it is a large enterprise or a growing business, you can work with us to find the best solutions for your customers. When you contact our experts, we will discuss it with you and discover the best solution for you. We will then proceed to implement our plan, and within a short time, you will have a fully functional Automated Attendant service.

What Is IVR/Automated Attendant?

An IVR is a pre-recorded voice input that is wired to greet a caller and provide them with useful information on the menu option. It has different features, guiding the caller to the most suitable department to handle his needs at every given time. 

With the IVR process, customers are rightly connected to available agents without error or delay. This gives customers their solutions quickly, increasing their satisfaction level and, subsequently, their loyalty to your brand.

A common misconception is that IVR is reserved for big companies. This is false and will only lead to the loss of customers for growing companies. Every customer-centric company needs an IVR system. This acts like a virtual assistant for all sizes of companies. 

How the IVR Works

IVR functions using the speech recognition principle and the Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones. This is what is responsible for the responses you get when you dial a number on the menu. It works by creating a certain sound frequency which automates the routing process. Speech technology enables callers to navigate through the menu using spoken language.

Benefits of Having an IVR System 

Better customer support: 

With round-the-clock availability, your customers can get help whenever they need it. This builds a smooth experience for your customers.  

Increased productivity:  

With assistance, workers can focus on being more productive in the workplace. Also, with customers being well handled, they are likely to return and bring their friends with them, thus increasing profit. 

Eliminates human errors:  

With automated systems at work, human errors are eliminated. The IVR ensures that customers are directed to the most appropriate agent to handle their problems.

We Offer 3CX Phone or iCloud Instances and Physical Yealink Phones

Think VoIP is a reseller for 3CX instances and Yealink phones.  3CX supports voice, video and instant messaging.  Yealink phones provide voice and video collaboration solutions.  Together we can find the headset, handset, or hands-free speakerphone set-up that best fits your business’ needs.   

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