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Think VoIP Services is your trusted local 3CX Partner and dealer / reseller in the Hollywood, FL area. We have experts who can assist you with your 3CX phone system needs. Contact us today to speak to a 3CX solutions consultant.

A successful company is a concoction of different ingredients that play unique but vital roles. These include personnel, products, machinery, etc. However, communication is the glue that holds everything together and makes the organization tick.

Therefore, it’s vital that you choose a reliable phone system that delivers efficient and reliable communication. In this regard, there’s no better option than 3CX phone systems. They help improve collaboration and increase employee productivity and, in turn, revenues.

What Is a 3CX Phone System?

3CX is a company that develops 3CX phone systems. This is the only software-based PBX for Microsoft Windows that delivers unified communication solutions. Moreover, it replaces proprietary phone systems.

Being an open SIP standard software-based IP PBX, 3CX can be integrated with other Windows applications. In so doing, it delivers a best-of-breed phone system.

There are three editions of 3CX communication systems. These include:

  1. Standard Edition
    Equipped with a click to call feature
    · No limit to extensions
    · Digital receptionist feature/auto attendant
    · Supports Android and iOS apps
  2. Pro Edition
    Also includes:
    · CRM integration
    · Microsoft 365 integration
    · Web conferencing
    · Contact center features
    · Call center
  3. Enterprise Edition
    Inclusive of:
    · Inbuilt Failover
    · Call Recording Control
    · Custom IP logo features
    · Standby license 

3CX Partner

When it comes to 3CX phone systems, you’re guaranteed reliable communication across the organization. But, for you to enjoy maximum efficiency, it needs to be set up correctly. As a 3CX dealer, this is where we come in.

We have a team of experts ready to assist you with your 3CX needs. So, instead of worrying about communicating, your employees can focus on their jobs.

With our 3CX services, you’ll get:

  • Extensions Anywhere
    Regardless of the size of your company or operational setup, we have a solution for you. Our team of experts will assess your needs and design a solution that suits your needs perfectly. This can be for on-premise communication, a call center, teleworkers, etc.
    Moreover, the extension can be wherever you are using a smartphone, computer, or desktop.
  • CRM Integration
    As business system solutions increase, managing them can be complex, especially if they can’t integrate. Fortunately, that’s not the case with 3CX. It can integrate with your CRM and office applications.
    With this, you can make calls directly from your CRM and receive screen-pops for things such as inbound calls.
  • Call Center Management
    For 3CX Pro & Enterprise editions, we also offer robust call center management features. These include:
    · Call queueing
    · In-depth reporting
    · Wallboard 

Such capabilities make it easier to monitor and manage agents. Moreover, you’ll gain real-time visibility to key metrics such as callbacks, agent performance, SLA, queue length, and more. 

Benefits of 3CX Phone Systems

3CX phone systems do not just replace traditional phone systems; they’re revolutionary. Due to the benefits they offer, 3CX is also an award-winning software-based PBX. As your 3CX dealer, some of the benefits you’ll enjoy include:

Cost Savings
Partnering with a 3CX reseller is a great way to reduce the administrative, hardware, and calls’ costs. In addition to the significantly lower costs, 3CX VoIP phones offer, you’ll also get web conferencing capabilities. As such, you no longer have to pay for web conferencing services.  

3CX comes with inbuilt security features. These include the ability to install on 3CX-provided SSL and FQDN certs. Besides offering a secure system, it also eliminates the need to hire expensive telecom consultants.  

Improved Collaboration
One of the first things a unified communications solution will bring to your company is increased collaboration. This is because it will be much easier for users to communicate with each other. As a result, you’ll realize increased productivity, which will translate to more revenues.

Easy to Use
3CX phone systems are relatively easy to use. Once we help you with installation and configuration, your team will be ready to use it without any training.

Why Choose Think VoIP Services?

There are many 3CX dealers available. However, given that your phone system is the key to unlocking your team’s potential and delivering excellent customer service, you do not want to take any chances.

With us, you can be sure to get the maximum value from 3CX. This is because, with our expertise, we understand what it takes to deliver a robust 3CX phone system. So, get in touch with us for a 3CX partner you can count on. 

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